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What does TCP/IP has to do with telecommunications? Everything! Nowadays, everything converges into the world of Internet and Telecommunications are not left out. Understand basic concepts like routers and protocols is not trivial, but today is essential. The all new plants are based on IP, as well as new and different types of service increasingly make use of data packets. A very relaxed way to get an idea about all these concepts can be found at http://www.warriorsofthe.net/.

The site features a movie explaining the TCP/IP, with a soundtrack and everything. Also available are subtitles for the film, and multiple audio languages have been translated. Besides the movie, the site provides several images that can be used eg as material for presentations, provided that they respect the usage for non-profit. For other purposes it is necessary to pay for a license.



The technical and educational film Warriors of the Net shows the operation of TCP/IP networks. Although it is pretty old its basic concepts are still very present, and must be well understood for anyone who wants to know the IP world.

The filmmakers (Gunilla Elam - Ericsson Medialab) used the analogy of physical resources from the real world, and in 1999 created the best resource for learning the introduction of the IP world. Packages for instance, are trucks.


The Movie

You already use the Internet, it is clear. But you know how it works? What is the appearance of a router? How is an IP packet or as an IP packet travels through a firewall? All answers and more are presented very simply using 3D animation.

Could you explain to someone such as data out of your phone line and reach the other side? How would the physical form of these elements? On a technical level, we could go into details of layered levels, etc.. But then, unless you're talking to a computer science student, the conversation soon cease to be interesting. But try to show the video to it. The initial curiosity is changing in interest, which with time and is transformed into knowledge set so amazing. Within moments, any layman on the subject know the IP hitherto invisible world, and remember it every time you connect to the Internet

The following image, available there, shows that the analogy is made to demonstrate how the data is loaded into a package.



This was a brief summary of http://www.warriorsofthe.net/ which presents an incredible movie available for download, and that will help you understand in simple terms the operation of TCP/IP data, or how the Internet works, a super creative way. Make popcorn, and be sure to watch.

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