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Thursday, June 10, 2010 8:00:00 PM Categories: Sites
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Did you ever needed to send a large file via email and received a warning from the email program stating that it was above the quota? Or someone sent you an email, but it failed because your server rejected due to file size too big? Know that there are services that can solve this problem quite simply - it is public servers for sending large files over the Internet.

Anyway, even if the above cases have never happened to you, it's always good to know that there is, then if you need, you know quickly what to do. And currently the best site for sending and receiveing, and the one we recommend, is


Why should I use a server to transfer files?

Well, somehow already answered above, but it is simple: you use a server to transfer a file when you have no other means to do the same.

How to almost everything in life, there are good and bad services, and also expensive and cheap. Our work here at telecomHall tips is to find the best costs and benefits, and present it to you.

And our search for the best download server ended up when we discovered the Why? Well, it's simply one of the best there is, you do NOT even need to register (create username and password!). You can send up to 2GB, and the files you send are available up to two weeks. You can send up to 20 recipients at once, and your existing email and files remain private.


Sending a Large File

The best way to demonstrate the service is sending a file.

So come, first access the site:, and click the Go button (1).


Then click + Add Files (1). Open a window to browse files. Locate your file (2), and click Open (3).


If you want to send more than one file, repeat the procedure.

Below, you now need to enter to send your file (1). Remembering that you can include up to 20 recipients. Enter each email separated by space.


Next, enter your email (1).


Why enter your email? Well, first, that the person who you sent it would like to receive. But mainly because you too will receive in your email information of each person that you download the files.

Finally, type a message (1). It's optional, but it's always good to tell some little message to whoever is receiving the file.


Okay, now just click the Transfer (1) and wait. Your file will be sent. Simple and fast, wasn't it?


Receiving a Large File

Easier than sending a large file with the WeTransfer is receiving it.

Each recipient receives a link in your email, as described below.


Simply click the link in the body of the email.


You will be redirected to the website where you can click the button and download your file.



This was a brief summary, currently the best site to perform transfers of large files.

We hope you've enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via our support via chat or email.

Till our next meeting, and remember: Your success is our success!

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