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Welcome to the telecomHall portal! Telecom and IT info that you will not find anywhere else. We invite you to visit some of the main sections available.


The objective of the portal is simply to help you with everything you need in your daily work with Telecom and IT. Be with information, news and vacancies available in the communities, with the publication of unique and valuable tips, articles type of course in a very simple way, or whatever your need.

For this I am constantly creating new sections and content, but with a very big difference, you'll notice when browsing through some sections of the site: Here is shown only what is really worth to be seen. We talk about what needs to be learned in a simple and straightforward in a language that you use in your day-to-day. Just it!


Meet the new "course" in Telecom and IT - with an innovative methodology. It's as if you were faced with a teacher to ask all your questions. You can even suggest a new topic to be explained in the simplest way possible. Click here to start!



Who does not like tips? Tips of links, programs, tricks ... All that helps to make our work faster and better. The Tips section of the portal have this goal of bringing together all for you!


Developers Blog

The Blog is the most important part of our portal. Find information on the Internet today, no doubt, is very easy. But finding quality information, and that is really what you need, that is another story ... In addition, there are many cases where there is quality information, and it would be extremely useful for you, but you can not even imagine that exists! In the Telecommunications and IT World, knowledge and information....

And also, visit our ROADMAP!





You have many ways to stay informed and updated with information from Telecom and IT.

Mailing List: with more  professionals worldwide, interacting daily through e-mails.

Chat: Chat using MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, with the same idea of the list.

In addition to Forums and Social Networks (links opposite). Attend one or all of them!