One thing is sure: there are an enormous amount of courses available for Telecom & IT in the Internet.

Courses in all the forms - presentations of PowerPoint, pdf, HTML static, Flash, Interactive. Paid, gratuitous or sponsored. Detailed and also superficial courses. For old or new technologies - GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WiMax, LTE and a infinity of others.

Some only theoreticians, others directed toward the practical one of day-by-day or specific equipment. Also has equipment Courses. Beyond similar books, as forums and lists.

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A reflection

We already saw that amount - and of certain form quality - we have many courses there.

But what can we say of exploitation? I say this because I know people who when discovering an available course soon run and download everything for its computer. And done! It is as if the Gigabytes in digital media was to be assimilated simply because they are stored.

It is clearly that exceptions exist: people that extract the important part, and learn it. But I believe, that maybe for the big amount of data, many people finish being 'lost'.

And so, what to do?

It was thinking about this that I decided to create a different methodology, an efficient form to absorb the necessary knowledge, what really is necessary to be understood. Nothing else.

But also I would like to have your cooperation. I would like to invite you to build together this complete course for Telecom & IT.

I will not extend much by now. I am making some rough drafts, and very soon will start to argue here with you. Be part of this, as co-author.

Then, let's go? You can right now participate with suggestion on as the course must be, on which platform, or whatsoever that together we will go to define.

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Live Activity