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There's no way out, no matter if you have the best computer in the world: one time it starts to show problems and slow down. The reason is basically dirt of various types that we use in storing computer journal. Can range from simple cookies and history of visited pages to issues of software that records were not properly uninstalled. Fortunately there are numerous programs to help us clean up all this dirt, and the best of them is CCleaner, the Pirisoft.


Why should I use a cleanser

When our house is dirty, what do we do? We took the broom and get to work! With our computer can not be different. Whenever we feel necessary, or simply we will, we can 'get the broom' and do the housework. As a result we have a work environment much more clean, organized and fast! Our 'broom' is ccleaner because this program stands out among the numerous choices of cleaning programs run by law, without sore heads. It is an essential program to keep your computer running well.

As information, the name CCleaner is a compound word from 'Crap Cleaner', in English, cleaner junk.


Installation and License

The installation of CCleaner is trivial. Download the installation program from the Internet, and proceed with the default installation.

Program Site:


Program Interface

The interface can be basically divided into two areas.


Each area has specific functions:

  • 1) Navigation: where you choose whether to make it cleaner (Cleaner), to correct problems in the registry (Registry), using specific tools such as Add and Remove Programs in Windows (Tools) or simply going to change any configuration of the program (Options)
  • 2) Preview: where to set up specific tasks to be performed in accordance with what we do. For example, in most cases where we do a cleanup, this is where we can say if for example we want the files from the Windows Recycle Bin are erased or not.

Let's see by example how simple and quick to complete cleaning of your computer.


Cleaning the computer

The most common task, and we must do more to clean it routinely. There are many configurable options, but it is good practice to clean installed with default settings.

Take for example the 'Autocomplete Form History' which comes disabled, written in gray.


You can select this option, in which case the program will delete the form data you have entered your information. In this case, you have to reenter all that data when entering a site where previously already completed and received a request to save your data. We prefer to select the cleaning of everything, but it is up to you to choose what will or will not be erased. Note that there is a guide for Windows and one for Applications (Applications), each with configurable options.

After selecting the tasks to be performed, you are ready to do the cleaning. Before, however, you can make an analysis by clicking the Analyse (1). The program makes a search through the entire system and the returns that can be erased, as well as its size on disk you can recover.


Check the report and if satisfied, click on Run Cleaner (2). The cleaning will take place, and your computer will be cleaner and faster



Changes in registration are always complicated, because the record is a delicate part of the computer. If you do not know what they're doing, you can even disable your Windows! However, CCleaner can identify efficiently and reliably most of the software installed on your computer. Thus, it can eliminate debris left by these applications, which makes cleaning and deep, keeping Windows fast and stable.

You may have heard that there are software programs that promise to clean the registry, but end up causing an even bigger mess, and sometimes even disabling the system. And that is seriously! But to our luck, CCleaner is one of the more secure software to remove invalid entries, worrying always preserving the functionality of programs and system as a whole. In addition the program displays each record entry to be removed, as well as the reason, giving you the option to continue or not.

For added security, you can still back up the registry before finalizing the changes, making everything easy to recover if a problem occurs.

Important: Even with all this security, we do not recommend you make changes to the registry. Unless you know exactly what you're doing!



This was a brief summary of the software CCleaner, the Pirisoft. This is a program of cleaning and upgrading of Windows that optimizes the system and removes unneeded files from your computer, making your computer much faster and, recovering a valuable space on your hard drive. All this with a speed of analysis and cleaning surprising, making him a utility that can not miss on your computer. More details can be found in the help file of the program.

We hope you've enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via our support via chat or email.

Till our next meeting, and remember: Your success is our success!

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