Blog Introduction

Find information on the Internet today, no doubt, is very easy. But finding quality information, and that is really that you need, there is another story ... Moreover, there are numerous cases in which information is qualified and would be extremely useful for you, but you can not imagine that there is!

In the area of Telecommunications and IT, knowledge and information defining the gap is for those entering the area, serving or just have interest in the subject.

And that is the goal of the portal TelecomHall: gather and provide quality information and differentiated efficiently and innovative.

Information is qualified because of relevant points in a simplified form, and only what is necessary, because Differentiated not found in this way elsewhere. Innovative and efficient by having a simple methodology that ensures that you can acquire the knowledge necessary for their growth, whatever the professional level job.



Telecom and IT professionals must always have the same profile of all the areas and processes on your network, from conception to the stable point of optimization and planning. The following figure shows the flowchart of macro processes in a generic way.


He must also have computer skills, at least to be able to use the programs involved, as management and control. The difference arises when a trader it has a greater ability to cope (or treat) with data design, optimization, maintenance, planning, and also the management systems and control.

The greater the skill and knowledge, the more and better results are obtained.

Identify as soon as possible the needs and problems presenting the best solutions: simple statement, but it represents the success!


And how to become a successful professional?

While the recipe is simple as mentioned above, to follow it is essential that we have acquired as much knowledge as possible. In addition, means going beyond the basics, that is, beyond what everyone (or almost everyone) can do, know how to make faster, in most cases with an even better result!

No doubt there are many ways to become a professional at this level, a professional role. You can read several books and articles, and conduct training courses in the area, absorb tips from more experienced, etc..

But there is a great risk that you spend much time on it, and still not achieve the expected level. In addition, information and knowledge must be obtained in a gradual and organized so that learning is lasting.

You need to have someone point the best path to follow, focusing on what (and only what) what really matters, who can give you the basis on which you can address the needs with excellence.

This is the proposal of the portal TelecomHall. In English, Place of Telecom, that is, where you find all the most important information of the Telecom and IT.

The portal comprises:

  • Blog: the unique methodology for continuous learning, all the codes and programs developed will be available for download by members;
  • Group: for information exchange between professionals through e-mails;
  • Chat: 24 hours online chat using MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger;
  • Tips: indications and summary of the best programs and most important links in the area.


Do I have to pay for this information?

The answer is No. You do not have to anything, and can participate in the Community, Group Chat and totally free.

But the information and Tips Blog particular, are not open. Information are very valuable and extremely useful. Anyone who has worked in the notice through the topics addressed and developed.

To become a member of the portal, you must make a monthly contract of $ 3.00. We use this extremely low value to allow users with less purchasing power, for example students, can participate.

Becoming a member you have access to Articles and Blog Tips, files and source codes when appropriate.

Furthermore, the simplified methodology provides for collaboration between members contributing ideas and continuous improvement.

The portal is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

To subscribe to the portal, you must use the PayPal If you do not know how to use or even know what it is click here and get the first article of tips: Using PayPal

Anyway, regardless of their profile, or as anonymous User or member, you already are very welcome!