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Antivirus is one thing that you can not run out, no way. Whether you're a doctor, lawyer or professional Telecom and IT. Student or experienced, using a computer, you will need. Worse, only notice it when you least expect - when an important file is infected, dying for their restoration. Not to mention viruses and other diseases that steal data from your PC. We believe that you already use some, or at least we are sure you should use.

In addition, many people have some antivirus installed, but it is outdated, and people have no idea how to use: just think since it has a virus or other, already protected.

So today we present one of the best antiviruses that exist, which has a free version, complete and easy to use and above all, that is updated easily: Avast! Antivirus, from Alwil.


Why use an antivirus program

An antivirus program protects your PC against incoming malicious files, the known viruses, harmful to the operation of your computer, and especially of their data. It also serves to eliminate the virus that has probably already be installed.

There are many good options on the market, and most resolve most problems, since they are updated.

No doubt the virus is a vital program of the computer and choose the Avast! to be the easiest to update, and one of the most used worldwide. It has high performance in their task of detection, especially for dangerous trojans.

As information, the name Avast! is a slang term formerly used by pirates, a command used to quickly stop or quit, more or less like the interjection 'high'. Here we already see by the definition as is the protection and 'capture' of threats on your computer.


Installation and License

The installation of Avast! is trivial. Download the installation program from the Internet, and proceed with the default installation.

Program Site: http://www.avast.com/free-antivirus-download


Near the end of the installation, the program may ask if you want to schedule a scan on your disks after the boot. Answer yes, and finish the installation by restarting the computer.


Do not fear the blue screen after boot. Just Avast! sweeping all the search for threats. And if by chance in your installation program not ask this, later we show how to schedule this boot scan, very powerful and recommended.


Program Interface

With fully new interface and clean, Avast! is available in the Windows taskbar near the clock. Moving the mouse over you already have the information as it is the same. In our case: Your system is safe


Right clicking, you have access to all program menus. Note that Avast! has a number of providers in addition to the Standard. That means it has a specific provider to be monitoring the e-mail, one for internet, etc.., As shown below.


Do not worry, Avast! is light, as we talked about, and you will not have performance problems. Anyway, you can disable - not recommended - the monitoring of a specific provider. That makes you the option Shields Real Time, in the main interface.

If you give a right-click the icon for Avast!, appear the main options.


Choose the first option, principal, and that is in bold type: Open the user interface of Avast!

The main window of Avast! opens, stating that the system is already safe (1). But this is only valid for 30 days. To use it without time limit, you need to register. Do not worry, it's simple, fast and free - click on Register Now (2).


By clicking Register, the program will ask if you just want to register, or you want to upgrade, with some advanced functions like firewall and filters e-mail. If your intention is simply to register to use antivirus software, click the Register button (1).


Then proceed with the registration by entering your details such as Name and Email. When you finish typing it, click on Register for a free license (1).


Ready, Avast! is registered. See how that was fast


Yes, now you can enjoy a full program of antivirus, easy to update - is automatic if you do not make any change in the pattern - and simple to use. But as always, does not hurt to see an example of usage, to understand better.


Verifying a site to search for threats

One of the most common course - check out a site to search for threats. Be a Pen Drive, or a local disk. To do this, first open the main interface, and then click Scan Computer (1). As we scan a directory, click Start (2) in section Select directory to scan (3).


Below, select the directories (1) where you want to perform the scan, and click the OK button (2).

Ready at the end of the scan, Avast! will let you know if found any threat or not.



program updates are automatic via the Internet from time to time, and provide a real-time protection of your system, including Internet browsing. But if you want to 'force' an update


Ready, Avast! download the latest updates and will install them.


Most importantly, you are already protected!

Even if you found the above tips complicated brief, do not worry. You need not do anything! The default settings are already programmed to do the updates when available, and all the providers already are monitoring everything on your computer. You'll realize this as soon as Avast! finds a virus

Remember, it is clear that with the updated antivirus program, it is very likely that no threat to invade your computer. However, caution never hurts, and always remember that new viruses may arise that are not already known by any antivirus. Ie take care of basic security (not surf questionable sites, do not open files from unknown senders, etc ...) never hurts.


Scheduling a scan on boot

As we said earlier, installed Avast! must ask if you want to schedule a scan immediately after booting the computer. We recommend that you do this at least once, because there are some threats that such criticism can only be detected in this state of the computer.

Therefore, access the option Scan Computer (1), and click Scan at boot time (2). In Current Status (3) you can see if there are any planned schedule. And now by clicking the Schedule button (4), lets you schedule the scan after the next boot - do this. Again, do not be afraid of the screen that appears after the boot - is just the Avast! doing their job.


For today it is all. Of course there are other options, reports, etc.. Please feel free to make the most of everything that this great program you can provide.



This was a brief summary of the software Avast! Antivirus, the Awilo. This is an antivirus program widely used around the world with high performance to identify and eliminate threats. More details can be found in the help file of the program.

We hope you've enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via our support via chat or email.

Till our next meeting, and remember: Your success is our success!

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