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When the computer starts to behave strangely, is a sign that some action must be taken, otherwise we run the risk of having a lot of headaches. But often dwe don't know what that action should be, since the computer problems can occur due to several factors. In most cases, is not as simple to identify the cause of problems.



In addition, we use the computer to work in the field, such as Drive RF Tests and Surveys, and are subject to one of the worst possible problem: HD or memory failure, due to, among other causes, falls or bumps.

Therefore, today we recommend another program that we tested and liked: Advanced SystemCare of IObit.


Note: Some time ago, we recommend using CCleaner to clean the computer. CCleaner performs ix excellent for the task which is proposed, and may continue to be used.

Note: All telecomHall articles are originally written in Portuguese. Following we translate to English and Spanish. As our time is short, maybe you find some typos (sometimes we just use the automatic translator, with only a final and 'quick' review). We apologize and we have an understanding of our effort. If you want to contribute translating / correcting of these languages, or even creating and publishing your tutorials, please contact us: contact.


Why should I use a PC Optimizer?

Whenever our computer begins to show any abnormal behavior, and their simple periodic cleaning as Ccleaner not seem to solve, it's time to think deeper into some action.

But we are Telecom and IT engineers. Although some of us have enough knowledge in this area, most of us end up depending on outsourced services, and end up reinstalling the OS.

In addition, programs that alter these types of data (like System Register) efficiently are often expensive and difficult to use - we don't know what to do, what to clean up, repair, etc..

In those cases where problems are starting to bother - like crashes, freezing, excessive slowness, etc. ... - Before seeking a specialist, we can use a program that do a comprehensive diagnosis and repair.

There are two versions of the program, one free and one paid. But in this case the free version is enough to attempt a recovery, then it's worth testing.

The program, despite the enormous amount of possibilities it brings, is simple to use.

Of course there are two kinds of people. Those who are fairly self-anointed, and prefer a basic and efficient diagnosis: it is possible to do this, and we will show next. And there are those who know the subject, and want to go deeper into the analysis and repair, the tool also allows this.

Note: No one takes medicine if they are not sick. The same applies here: if your computer is not having problems, there is no need for diagnostics and repairs too deep or detailed. Anyway, it's always good to know what is the remedy, and where to find it, in case we need it, don't you agree?

Note: the primary motivation that led us to use the Advanced SystemCare was crash problems - blue screen of death - which had been presenting our Windows regularly, and began to increase in recent weeks. We tried the program, and it noticed - and repaired - all the problems, including one with our HD. To date, about two months later, the system is working perfectly well.


Installation and License

Advanced SystemCare installation is simple, but worth paying attention to one of the stages of the installation that asks if you want to install additional programs. Is up to you choose to install these programs. In our case, we've chosen 'deselected', and 'skip' in this step.


Then, download the installer from the Internet, and proceed with the default installation.

Program website:



Program Interface

After installation, we can use the program. We can see the interface into three main areas.


Each area has specific functions:

  1. Main area: with links to key tasks and functions - 'Quick Care, 'Deep Care', 'Turbo Boost' and 'Toolbox'.
  2. Menus: to access the settings of the program;
  3. Summary: summary report with the latest taken actions.

Let's move on and see through examples, how simple and fast are diagnosis and repair to any problems found.


Quick Care

The easier and faster task we can do is the 'Quick Care', ie the 'Quick Repair'.


This task cleans, repairs and optimizes PC for daily work. If you want to use the recommended configurations in each action, just click 'Scan Now' (1).


But for most actions, you can also click 'Settings' (2). This is called the configuration screens of the program - which can also be called / adjusted via the Menu Bar. And if you are in doubt about how to set up it, simply click the 'Recommended' (3), and the program adjusts the basics for you.


That done, after you click 'Scan Now', simply wait until the program finishes. Then you will have the option to repair, click on 'Repair Now' (1).


Prior to repair, if you want to, you also have the option to choose what should be done or not. For example, clicking on 'Show Details' (2) at 'Fix Register', we have the screen below.


Deep Care

Another task available, the 'Deep Care', ie the 'Detailed Repair' performs a greater number of checks. This action can be used less regularly.


The window is very similar to the previous one, but now with some more options. Likewise, we click 'Scan Now' (1), and look forward to complete the program.


Below, the system in action after clicking 'Repair Now'.


See for example the problem that the program found in our HD.


Please note: if this particular problem also occur to you, know that the program will schedule a scan in the system the next time you reboot. Do not be alarmed, it stays for several minutes correcting the defective indexes, but in the end, it should fix everything.

This comprehensive repair performs a series of actions, such as those related to the necessary and critical Windows Updates. As always, you can uncheck these corrections if desired.



Turbo Boost

The option to 'Turbo Boost' is another interesting action that can be done with the program - but you should try only if you know what you're doing.

In our daily work, we have several programs that require auxiliary tasks, processes and services that are running in the background. As we use these programs every day at work, we can not do anything.

But when we do a more specific task as to play a game or watch a high resolution movie - we need an exceptional performance. In this case, we can activate the Turbo Boost, and turn most of them off. Of course, we can return it later, when we return to our routine.


Important: Naturally, this is a specific configuration, and should be used only when necessary. Or at least that gets you wondering how would the performance of your computer be without that pile of applications and services such as those who flock to your taskbar. It is worth at least test, but again, with a lot of care.



In the last action, you have access to a range of additional tools, such as RAM optimizer (1).


Some tools however, are only available in paid version. They are indicated by the name 'PRO' (2).




By default, the program offers an option to rescue. That is, if anything goes wrong, and your computer presents a problem, you can restore the same to the previous point before the actions were taken.


This is a common practice, and you can also do this at any time on your computer, not just those made by this program. This is done by the Windows Restore Points.



This was a brief summary of the software Advanced SystemCare, from IObit.

This is a program for diagnostic, cleaning, repair and improvement of Windows that optimizes the System, also applying some recommended settings, like in the browser options.

All this is to leave your computer at its best, allowing you to perform your daily work more safely, quickly, and with less headache.

More details you can find in program 'Help', or simply using it with the recommendations shown.

We hope you enjoyed. Please post your questions and comments. And until we meet again!