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Who are we?


My name is Leonardo Zanoni Pedrini, and I work for more than 15 years with IT & Telecom. The vast experience I gained in those years, coupled with my personal entrepreneurship led me to create, a few months ago, the telecomHall Portal .

Although the portal has started as a hobby (hobby: activity done by pleasure and relax, typically during spare time), it achieved a considerable success in a short time - currently has over 1,000 members in over 150 countries!

My main goal was to teach my best practices and procedures as a Consultant in Telecom and IT should have. Just to be given due importance to the teaching - that contemplated the receipt of programs and source code, I was charging a small fee ($ 3 per month). Anyone who knows the customized suite that I created know that the value is largely symbolic. But that's more the case.

That's because I concluded it was not good: it was not reaching my initial goal, besides be "consuming" more time than a hobby is proposed. So I ended the "charged" portion of the site.

But that does not mean the site is over - quite the opposite: I keep my hobby, and increasingly put new sections and content. The site is now a global reference site, arguably, being a place where professionals find exactly what they use in their day-to-day. And in informal language, like the one I'm using to communicate with you.

To name just a few problems that temporarily ended the paid portion:

  • Communication Problems : There was no communication and interaction between members (in chat or in the blog comments). On the other hand, I received dozens of emails per day, with numerous issues, and needed to answer each one specifically. Besides being in different languages.
  • Receiving many destructive criticism . Of course, I have received numerous constructive criticism, and used to improve the portal. But for unknown reasons, some people just started attacking the methodology of the portal, like I was being kind of a sucker. Others simply asked that I send all the codes and programs related to each tutorial free.
  • Payment problems via PayPal, which to my surprise, is not permitted in a number of countries! (Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, India, among others). And many of these countries members wrote to me, wanting to subscribe, but could not. And I didn't know what to do. I thought of alternative ways, such as site, but the project was taking a position higher than planned.
  • Harnessing x Information : As there was no feedback from subscribers, I realized that the site really was just being a common site, like the numerous existing ones, with tons of information, but that it was not being utilized as it should. Of course I know that our area is very time consuming in daily work, but either way, the methodology was not good.
  • Translation Issues . To maintain a global reach, the site must have at least the three languages. But the translation consumes me quite some time, and end up getting several issues for review.
  • Disclosure : to achieve the goal, the site needed to disclose. Even with great content, if someone does not know it exists, he does not visit! And even with the members it was difficult to maintain communication: When you send an email to over a thousand people, your e-mail automatically gets tagged like SPAM.
  • Time: alone I was responsible for creating, developing and maintaining Web, content creation (try a simple tutorial of all 15 pages and see how long it takes you), image editing, translation, review, disclore, implementation of new sections like the new forum, etc, etc, etc.. This was no longer a hobby . :)

Well, that's it. Unfortunately, as I had not enough time to devote myself to a structure that keps growing, I decided to slow down and suspend - at least temporarily - any charged portion.

I decided to write this note as a way of transparency with you, which participates in the telecomHall.

I still have my customizable suite tool, along with my experience in all areas of telecom, from design to optimization, and standardization of practices and unique processes that create, etc.. And I'll continue to write articles!

It is clear from the section Tips, which remains with very good ones. Take time, visit each one and you'll understand what I'm saying.

If nothing else, I am still finding some time on my weekend to draw up a Complete Course for all technologies and techniques, also with a Differentiated Methodology. :) I have drafts and topics ready. Very soon I will talk about it.

Finally, any help, suggestions or criticism will be very welcome!


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Thanks for visiting! It is very important to us!!

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