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11/17/2010 6:12:16 PM
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Well, to start: suggestions! Let's try to do here a BrainStorm?

I'll put some points as a suggestion.

Generic: and yet complete. I imagine this: if you know for good one tech, or a concept, it's much easier to assimilate others. If you know what is a BCCH in GSM, similarly, you know what is the PSC in UMTS!

Language: I think it should be the most informal manner, as well as the entire portal telecomHall.

Topics: Every course has. If we define the topics consistently, it is a good start.

Draft: the most important - tracing the goals. I think a good point will be based on topics.

Images: when we make a classroom course, the teacher draws diagrams on the whiteboard, explaining. How about doing something, and using images drawn on A4 sheet and then scanned?

Tables: whenever we need them. If we gather the information in tables updatable, there is always a reference site for future reference.


Well, I've given you some ideas. What is your suggestion to start? Remember: in the future when the course is written, it will also be yours!

Of course the projct is big. But let's do one step at a time!

3/13/2011 10:06:13 PM
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Re: Starting...

Hi Leo first for all, thanks for the webpage

Im pretty shure that is and will be very usefull speccially for the people with less experience (the courses until now are basic)

some suggestion also can be add some real examples, I know that is complicated but we can just put the data or graphics, not the specific vendor or operator

Im able to help in this webpage, my experience is not so much, but I think that the best way to learn more and remeber is teaching


See you


pd: aso you can see mi englis is not the best but I hope that will be enough